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Temporary Manifestations or Aspects of the Fae

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Greetings and Salutations.

This community is for people to post fae themed icons. Feel free to post more then just the average image of faerie, but if you need some helpful hints there are a few in the interests.

Have fun, and be creative!


~All icons/avatars (and friends only banners) made from art must be properly credited to the artist, and if you have it, please post a link to the artist's web site. Icons and banners made from personal art work and photographs are welcome, and in turn always give credit when using someone else's work.~

~If you are posting more then 4 icons/avatars, please place the rest behind a lj-cut. Banners larger then 300x400 should be behind a cut as well.~

~At least 3 icons need to be posted if you wish to re-direct link to another journal.~

~As some fae hate clothing, should you post an icon or banner of such a creature, please put it behind a cut and give a little warning to adult content.~

~Please be kind and considerate of others, keep any less-then-pleasant comments to yourself. Helpful tips and constructive comments are always welcome.~

~Please stay on topic, don't advertise your auctions, that's not what this community is for.~

~Please make all icons 100x100 pixels, in other words, make them ready to use for livejournal.~

~No direct linking, or hot linking, of images. Please save to your own computer.~

~No memes or quizzes.~

~Please note that should you use an artist's works and not follow the artist's rules for altering it, and it's made known to me. I will delete the post.~

Some Links:

World of Froud

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ Shadowscapes

Nene Thomas Homepage

The Art of Amy Brown

Your friendly neighborhood moderator is xdragonladyx
feel free to message me with questions and concerns